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Updated August 2017

Why this Page? Twenty years ago at time of writing, I was teaching at TAFE and had to teach a Web Page section. Quite a few students were dragging their feet so one night I spun off the last few photos in my wife’s camera, took them to be developed and picked them up at 8:30 on a Friday night. By 10:30 that night I had written most of what you would have seen on the first page of the old site and uploaded it all 30 minutes later. I am happy to show my work and share ideas as well as welcome contact, That first page was the only page for a long time but it came in very useful to make good contacts and friends over the world which it was not necessarily intended for… but works out well anyway.

Each of the other pages in this series took a couple of hours each to do in total including checking and in the case of the schematic drawings, all the diagrams! These came up as the need arose to help some friends and acquaintances with the hobby which I believe is the worlds best hobby for the range of things one can do differently and enjoy every facet! I only hope you enjoy it as much as I have... if you are having fun, you are doing it right!!!

I hope you avail yourselves to the downloads offered, particularly the HINTS AND TIPS which I have gathered from railway modellers all over the world and I hope you can also contribute by sending your tips!

An early photo of the Canadian locos I had at the time... the two F7’s, the SW7, and the GP35 were all hand painted by me using minimal photos and drawings. The GP9 and the SW7 are no longer on the road replaced by Proto units while the first CN F body has been replaced with another body, hence the difference in some of the photos you will see in these pages


Of particular interest to many readers would be the HINTS and TIPS which I have collated for the British MREmag site which will hopefully make a useful reference for many of you and you are quite welcome to contact me to add some more or for feedback, suggestions and/or assistance

I hope you enjoy the views and the suggestions, downloads and hints offered on this site.

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