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Updated August 2017

This is what my “Canadian” used to look like at any of the “intermediate stations” you may care to be at..

until I bought two FP7’s from Byron and the CPRail units have been relegated to freight!!! I think I like the classic script better but the maroon and grey is a classic scheme in anyone’s language.

Although I have not described it in my map. I have created a new diesel depot for West St Agnes where locos lay over. If the building looks familiar, it was pattermed on a Triang modern engine shed, made from Foam Core and limited to 5 sections rather than 6 for better fitting. 8411 is shown backing out to travel light engine to St Agnes before heading East!

This shows the magnetic train board I use to keep track of where the trains are between sessions...

Small magnetic labels are located at the position of the train each time it moves between stations with small magnetic labels made from old fridge magnets are numbered with the locomotive number... a neat Train Control panel made of some old sheet metal!

This was an early pic of two decorated CN units. I was doing some painting of the house about the time of setting up this scene and the workman reminded me of me!!!