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Updated July 2017

I have been running the Budds as a Canadian set since January 2005 and while decalling still needs to be done, I will be repainting the front first as it is the wrong shade of Red/Orange. I actually have two extra bodies which I can take my time doing and replace these bodies. I used an old Athearnn switcher truck to replace the rubber band drive and I am fairly pleased with the performance as I also use Canon can motors. The CN units have part of an Athearn switcher frame spliced onto the RDC frame while the “newer” Canadian Pacific RDC has a home made mount screwed to a modified RDC frame. The Lifelike RDC does not look that good on smaller curves but I have kept it anyway... I find it hard to let go!!!!

Here is the CN RDC1/RDC3 pair at the station I call “West St.Agnes” to the west of St Agnes. The yard that is "Reginald Bridge" is used for West St Agnes and is also used for "Vista" to the west of Ridgehaven, so called because there is nothing extra to see!

The station is yet to be populated as I am thinking it will be moved to another location or the platform rebuilt because the foam core swelled with water based paint.

The RDC set has arrived at St Agnes for yet another trip east to Ridgehaven... note the lean that the car is going into the curve with due to super elevating all the curves on the layout. The details are below!

A view from the back of the RDC set

The Canadian Pacific RDC in the Railcar siding at Ridgehaven. Note the older switcher truck at the Baggage end. I will eventuaiiy replace the truck with a plastic sideframe truck and glue the sideframes of the Budd car to it. With a Canon motor, these units function quite well!

The Budds at one of the intermediate stations. This section of track curve has been relaid with compound curved set track as the flex track had started to give way, I also innovated with scrap styrene and plastic "spacers" to super elevate the curves up to .030” of an inch or a bit over a millimetre. I am very pleased with the effect when the train leans into the curve and the performance with respect to lesser derailments is better as well!