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Updated July 2017

Apart from my Canadian based layout, I have been building an exhibition layout based on the layout of my friend Reg Bridge who passed away in 2001. The layout is known as "Newry" and now has 10 or so of these signals... enjoy...

Newry had a couple of outings at Sunshine and Coburg exhibitions and is being done as a "work in progress"... pictures to come!


What has changed is the method of production. I made a PAINT picture of the signals I wanted and replicated it a few times. You can download your own sample and scale it from the picture at the bottom of this web page. I then used the Inkjet printer to print the signals onto LABEL paper for which I bought specially but any sort of label stuff will do... if it is disk labels, you may lose a few images but so what?

I then stuck the image to my margarine tub plastic over the coloured outerside of the plastic, but do not cut the outline yet. On the plain white side of the plastic, stick your black bands or chevrons because they should be the same distance apart as your moulded signals, taking care to align them with your signal fronts. Cut them out with scissors and mount on your lolly stick as shown above. For my latest batch I made some upper quadrant signals also in the British style and have produced many more than I could possibly use so they have become presents to beginner modellers.

I have made up whole pages of these signals scaled to my size... there is no reason why you cannot make these in all scales using my diagrams or making your own signals. Feel free to download your own printouts of the signals or even reverse the images for North American practice. You can do this by right clicking your mouse on the image and click on “Save Image As”

Here they are...

These show the fronts of the signals. The beauty of the printing is the even dots for the signal lens as well as more consistent shape when cutting.

To make these, use the signal arms on the Next Page