Welcome to St Agnes

Views of the Layout

Further Views

Map of the “St Agnes”

Operating the “St Agnes”

The Budd Cars

The Transistor Throttles I use

Building my Throttles

Calculating Scale Speed

Using a Model Lathe 1

Using a Model Lathe 2

Using a Model Lathe 3

Making Searchlight Signals

Ersatz Ground Signals

Making Dummy Signals

MRE “Hints and Tips”

Exhibitions and Layouts

Building a Layout in a short time frame

Simple Street Lighting

Simple Cut out Buildings

Canadian Trees

Updated July 2017

A couple of representative photos of various exhibition layouts

A couple of snaps of Tom Welsh’s “Paydenvale” Railway

This was Alan’s representation of the country in Washingtons Cascades mountains. Unfortunately a module of this layout was damaged in packing up and this was its last showing!

A local version of Thompson River Canyon and an excellent job of portraying that beautiful part of British Columbia

A Layout with a very Victorian flavour

The Lickey Banker engine far from home on a British themed station layout