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Updated July 2017

I finally bit the bullet and started making some trees from wire and rope a while ago but they appeared somewhat demented. I asked the late Tom Welsh at Sunshine MRC who generously made me a number of armatures perhaps with a better wire than I had tried to use! The results while not brilliant are quite pleasing having used spray paint in Indian Red for the branches as well as a clear paint in a spray that I got from the Reject Shop; Now all I need is to make some Half trees to meld in my backdrop to the front scene! The layout does look a lot better for these!

The Spur Mountain/Hill takes on a whole new appearance. This is the site of Kathryns Forest which as a child, our elder daughter Kate and I had a good afternoon planting trees of twigs and coloured fill material.

Many of those original trees are still there while others will be renovated for the Reginald Bridge area but the pines are definitely adding to the Canadian atmosphere!

My Company cottage betwixt the pines! I built the house from on article in the N Scale Clinchfield in Model Railroader and placed a sitting figure in front to act as a railfan enjoying the action.

The GP-9 is running as God and Canadian National intended - with the long hood forward. I intend to make some shallow depth pines to merge my not terribly fantastic background to give it all even more depth, as per an article by John Nehrich of NEB&W fame!

Compare this view from other views on these pages and the hill looks a whole lot more dramatic ... at least I think so and definitely gives the impression I wanted!!

Thanks Tom!! - You were a great modeller and a good friend